It is a perfect option for training young players to get them used to the feel of a wood bat. Was worried it would be a tough change but he loves the feel and the sound. Outfit your player with a bat that truly reflects their playing style and personality as they customize a variety of features with the Marucci® CU26 Chase Utley Custom Pro Youth Maple Bat. So the 31 in. And what size? With a -5 length to weight ratio, this bat is exceptionally lightweight and probably the best youth wood bat option in this entire list. One of the reasons I wanted a wood bat for my 9-year old was to get one that was heavier than his -8 aluminum USAbat. Its very difficult to suggest a bat size for your 11 year old son without knowing his size or bat speed. I highly recommend this bat for young players who learn the various hitting concepts and not just try to find the fence. It's hard to find a youth wood bat that's heavier than the aluminum ones. Maple is one of the strongest material and will perform very well. The JB19’s offer a balanced feel with a long barrel size and medium handle. The length of a bat is generally going to hinge more directly on the height of a player as opposed to age and weight. I would say it is blend between a 271 and 110 turn model. Browser Not Supported. I believe the weight is 26 ounces. For a player of your age, our bat coach recommends the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB) in a 31" model. We know that buying a bat might not be easy, but we are here to help! If you searched for a specific term, please broaden your search. [at least my son did :-) ]. Different bats for right and lefty? When all his other teammate's bats break, the Marucci stays solid. … If you are in high school or required to use a BBCOR bat, you will need to get the JR7 model. How do they differ? With that being said, the 30" bat will be approximately 25 oz. I would recommend going with the 29'' if getting the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB. The bat seems like it is a little bit lighter than -5 and has NO vibration to it. Marucci claims that every bat it produces is a cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed, and lacquered by hand. Even though the barrel size is two ¼ inches, it looks like a large one and gives an end-loaded feel. Mesh Backing on Knuckles - Improves Flexibility and Durability, Vented to Allow Moisture and Heat to Escape. All in all, this bat is truly a pro model designed for youth players. Professionally Inspired. Cupped end for balance swing weight. Its youth baseball bat Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat is one of the best wood bats for youth players constructed to offer a fast, balanced swing. Marucci offers several custom and stock youth wood bats for younger players that are cut with the same specs as the full-size adult models, scaled down with a 2 ¼ inch barrel and lower drop weights. This bat comes constructed from top-quality maple wood. My son brags about how good the bat feels in his hands and how good the feedback is. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. It is constructed using Ashwood from Adirondack, making it one of the strongest youth wood bats for youth. Is there a way to get a drop 10 Marucci bat? This model will be more similar to the youth bats that are used for play in little league. How do we know what is the weight on this bat? The 31" is going to be very close to the 26oz weight on the MSB115. Since it is a wood bat, it is hard to get an exact weight. We're here from click to hit! Do the wood bats perform as well as composite or aluminum? $79.99. Marucci makes very high quality bats. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB is an approximate -5 bat. This bat is one of the best youth wood bats that I came across in my entire career, and I have been recommending it to all the parents who want their kids to have a lightweight, durable, and high performing bat. I recommend consulting with your coach or league director. If he was swinging a 29"/20 ounce bat I would think he would be good with a 29" Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB. Made for Control & Contact Ash, Birch, or Maple: $119.99 Knob: Slight Flare Handle: Medium Barrel: Medium Feel: Control Weight: -3 The CU26 is a replica of the Marucci CU26. The Marucci CU26 Youth Baseball wood bat is also a product of these elaborated processes and an excellent choice for youth players starting with wood bats. As with all Marucci wood bats it is bone rubbed which adds density to the barrel. You will need to go through the manufacture for that. My 11 year old is 5' and 91 lbs. We wrapped the handle for a bit more control and he loves it!!! Pros: This bat had terrific pop. Was originally bought for BP for which it served its purpose. What's the recommended weight for a wooden bat for batting practice? Will buy more of these in future. We just purchased another one in the next size up. What do you recommend for a 5'4" 130 lb 9 yr old boy? However Justbats replaced it free of charge due to it being so new. The Youth CU26 Pro from Marucci is no different. Marucci CU26 Pro Youth Maple MYVE2CU26-CHL Youth Baseball Bat - 26. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB will be legal if it is a youth wood bat tournament, if it is an adult wood bat tournament (14 or above) I would go with a -3 adult model. It has a balanced swing weight and comes with a traditional knob that is slightly fared. Thank you. I read all of these great reviews and expected so much more! The ball jumps off the bat every time. It won't be exact due to varying densities of the wood however. Is the 28 inch CU26 allowed by new USABat rules even though there are no stamps on bat, specifically in 8U Dizzy Dean tournament? Can this bat be used in place of the new USA bat? This bat is an excellent choice for contact hitters and kids looking to transition to wood bats. 2019 Marucci CAT 8 Review Design & Construction . It comes with a traditional handle, making it easier to handle, while the barrel has a more significant sweet spot that gives out an excellent pop. The POSEY28 Pro Metal BBCOR Baseball bat is made by Marucci sports, and it is a great bat for serious players. Lasted 2 yrs. Definitely recommend. My son is 11, 4 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 80 pounds. In this case, the Rawlings Velo Ash for youth players is the best option as it comes with a Vulcan polymer grip the greatly reduces the tension. The balanced feel of the CU26 allows for fast... Hand-crafted and bone rubbed for each hitter. What size wood bat do you recommend? This bat is a (-5) which will provide a lighter option than an adult model which would be a (-3.). Please note that popular items often become available in small quantities and will sell out again quickly. very balanced great sound amazing bat!!!!!!!!! Handcrafted using top-quality maple wood, the CU26 youth model offers a great feel for kids. Marucci makes high quality bats using grade A maple. Ezvid Wiki. This is a youth bat. You qualify for extra savings by bundling this product with the eligible items in your cart! Plus the sound just clicks off the barrel. Each bat is handcrafted and bone-rubbed to ensure highest quality. Based on he age and weight and the face he currently swings a 17 ounce bat I would recommend the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB in a 28". In other words, maple wood bats are more robust, while ash wood bats are faster. Cons: NONE WHATSOEVER!! The black paint job looked slick out of the box. Solid feedback at contact. He is new to a wood bat, what is the appropriate size? Pros: bought 28" for my son who reports great pop, feel. It has been delivering top-quality wood bats for decades now, and with its Youth Legacy bat, it has set a path for the next generation of players to join the pro-league. Seeking large barrel wood bat for Little League. Plus you can adjust the shoulder straps for a custom fit. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB features a 2 1/4 inch barrel diameter. A 31" model of the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB will feature an approximate weight of 26 ounces. He has a Easton Hyperlight ghost 31 -11 that he has been using (Vibrates like crazy if you don't hit the sweet spot) and I believe that this bat has a better pop to it!! Would you like to add this item to your order? With regards to an 8 year old player that is accustomed to swinging a -10 metal bat, this wood bat may not be a good fit due to the -5 length to weight ratio. A well-balanced bat can improve the performance and reduce sting and help control the swing. A 30" model of this Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB) would weigh approximately 25 oz. The Youth CU26 features a favorable construction for the contact hitter by utilizing a thin handle with a traditionally-sized barrel, delivering a balanced feel to maintain solid speed and control when following through on your swing. It should also be noted that Marucci’s wood bat site let’s you customize whatever you want and each bat is hand crafted. Maple and bamboo are known to be the hardest and most durable type of wood. Yes. Pros: Great bat that looks good! 4:18 . Looks so good my son was hesitant to use it. 30 - 5 = 25. What is the difference (if any) between the 31" youth model and 31" adult model? Typically, we see maple wood being the more popular option due to its strength. With every hit, you can hear a great pop, and the kids just love how good it feels. This will not be available in a 30 ounce. It can last as little as one swing or an infinite amount essentially; it all comes down to a player's ability to consistently hit the ball on the barrel. Feels true to a drop 5 weight. It is perfect for training too and can be used well to help youth players get used to wood bats. The bat is very balanced and it would be perfect for an eight year old. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Bat: CU26YB Youth bat will have an approximate -5 length to weight ratio. Moreover, the Youth Legacy has a cupped end that improves overall balance, exit velocity, and swing speed. I would recommend the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB in a 31 inch. It would be around 25 ounces in the 30" size. Player preference will vary when dealing with types of wood bats. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB in a 26 inch model will weigh 21 ounces. Pros: Great finish and feel, solid bat with good pop. Also, can you use it in Little League baseball? Cons: Broke in the cages within a week. Is it this model BBCOR certified? Every Marucci Bat™ is cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed and lacquered by hand. Thin handle. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Therefore, youth wood bats do not require the BBCOR stamp of approval. This is an excellent choice for training young kids, and I have personally seen them hitting long and hard. Each model is made to exacting specifications maximizing balance and ease of handling. What is the barrel diameter of the Marucci youth bats, and why do they ask if you swing lefty or righty? Maple vs Cherry? It also features a -7.5 drop, making it extremely lightweight and more comfortable to swing without losing any power. Is this composite and if not what youth models are composite? would buy another. Bundle this with other eligible items or purchase two or more to receive extra savings in your cart! He is 5"3' & just around 100lbs. Based on his height and weight, we recommend a 30" model in the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB). It is a wonderful bat, and I highly recommend this bat for all youth players making the transition to a heavier bat. Bat has good pop! We were conscious of bat orientation and it wasn't abused. Make Offer - 2020 Marucci Cutch22 Youth Model ~ Maple Wood Baseball Bat ~ 30 My son, 10U select baseball player, loves the balanced feel. He has a aluminum USA stamped 29' 19 oz. Used by my 12 year old for pre-season BP and wood bat tournaments. You can try reloading the page by clicking here. Sign In Call Us. The Adult 30" model has an approximate weight of 27oz. Are Marucci wood maple bats approved for Little League? The best option would be to go with a 27" model in the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB). He uses a 31" or 32" bat. My 11 year old loves it, he has hit the center field 300 ft gate twice. BestReviews. Marucci has been very consistent with manufacturing good performing wood bats for youth. My son is 10, 5'2", and 101 pounds. With this bat, young players can play just the way they want; if they wish to go up top or spray the liners in the gaps, they can decide at the moment without worrying about the bat type. My son is 13 and plays in Babe Ruth League. Is the bat barrel 2-1/4 inches in diameter? This can be beneficial for youth hitters who need added speed through the zone. (I'm a novice at this!) The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB) is an approximate -5 and the largest length is a 31 inch. Currently owned by Wilson Sporting Goods Company, the Louisville Slugger is very popular in the baseball world. Marucci CU26 Youth Pro Maple Wood Baseball Bat Crafted with the same specifications as the adult CU26, this bat is perfectly balanced for the youth hitter who wants complete control and greater bat speed. As for the right size to get a player that is currently using a 30/18, we would recommend getting this bat in a 28 inch model as this bat will be much heavier than his current bat (-5 length to weight ratio). On the other hand, ash is the lightest wood and maintains enough hardness and durability to be used as a baseball bat. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Weight 24 oz. Uses a QUATTRO 30'' 20 right now. Pros: Good feel and balance..Great use in cage and in BP.. Pros: Exceptional bat! But a lot of players face the label backwards. So a 29" bat would be approximately 24 oz. Under Dixie rules; "Wood and aluminum metal/alloy bats are not subject to the moratorium". Pros: None really. This wood bat’s length to weight ratio ranges from -7 to -10, making it an ideal choice for youth players. Feel. Pros: Great feel and balance. Cons: Finish does not last long but that is OK....means they are hitting it! Pros: great feel great pop Get yours today and step up your confidence when you step up to the plate! The drop is approximately -5. Understanding this professional standard of perfection has allowed us to handcraft a performance product that will last consistently maximize your game. However, it's a bit lighter then expected guessing -8 feel... Pros: Great bat. However, players moving to wood for the first time tend to drop down an inch, so a 28" is probably the way to go. Simply put, maple is heavier than ash and much dense, but not too heavy to swing. The price is different, but everything else seems to be the same. What size bat for a 13 year old, 75 lbs? On this site, you may find both our Marucci Wood Bats as well as our Diamond Kinetics Review worth … This Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26 Smoke) is an adult style bat. How many ounces would a 29-30 inch bat be? Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat. My grandson is 5' tall, 130lbs and he is 12 1/2 yrs old going into Juniors this fall. It comes with a regular finish but with a gold hardline tape that gives it a complete pro look. Traditional knob. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat (CU26YB) would be great for a youth hitter at that size. I very rarely hit home runs, but in 13 games I hit for a .538 avg with 27 RBIs. Marucci CB15 Custom Pro Maple Bat. Lots of pop; great feel in hand and at contact. Large Fence Hook Allows For Easy Storage & Accessibility, 600D Polyester with a 200D Polyester Sewn-In Backing, Padded Back & Shoulder Straps For Comfort. Another good option is the Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood bat as it is steel burnished to maximize compression and improve performance. This wood bat comes with a two ¼ inches barrel diameter with a 1-inch handle diameter. Based on your players height and weight, we suggest a 29" model of the Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat: CU26YB. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Pros: the ball jumps off the bat and has great durability, Cons: once u get a small crack or dent the bat looses everything. Pros: Great bat. Maybe it was a bat batch of wood. My son is 10 yrs old and 65 lbs. The Marucci Chase Utley Maple Wood Bat: CU26YB Youth is a great choice for contact hitters, as it's very well balanced. Highly recomended because of the ballance this bat has and the pop. Thanks. AMAMZING!! Check out Marucci CU26 Chase Utley Youth 31-Inch Wood Base Bat, Black, 27-Ounce reviews, ratings, specifications and more at … Some players using wood for the first time drop down an inch to assist in the transition to a wood bat, so a 29" model would work as well. You would need an adult model. I would like to order a few bats for him for this upcoming season but I am not sure what would be best. Pros: Great bat for batting practice--hitting live pitching, off the tee and soft toss. Well balanced, feels great while swinging. Cons: My son is a small 12 year old and the 30" bat seems to be a bit too long and heavy for him. Pros: Love this bat. The Traditional Maple is available in two sizes, i.e., 29″ and 30″ lengths, and offers high-end performance. We like the Sam Bat as the best youth baseball bat for its flawless maple design. The bat features a balanced weight and has a length to weight ratio between -8 to -10. Even so, many wood bats are considerably lightweight and very durable. Is the CU26 the better model for a kid that age because of the thinner handle than the other youth models? First wood bad so not a lot to go on other that it felt great and had pretty good pop! If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Marucci CU26 Chase Utley Custom Pro Youth Maple Bat. Knob. As well, wood bats will break especially a youth model that has more weight taken out of the wood. He needed a smaller bat. Here are the top ten best baseball wood bats for youth to choose from to help you guys find the right bat for your kids. Looking to purchase a wood bat for my almost 10y o travel player for bp. $149.99. The CU26YB is legal for Dixie. On the other hand, if the bat’s weight is not evenly distributed, the result is the same. The ball jumps off the bat. The 30" Marucci bat is better handled by the bigger/stronger 12 year olds. for years but this bat was a pretty seamless switch for him. I have coached plenty of young players in my career, and for me, there is no better joy than bringing out their full potential. The Velo is constructed using Ash, which is the most robust timber available and tends to flex more than other types of wood, giving you a larger and more forgiving sweet spot. Great bat. Thanks Marucci for making a sweet bat! What size do you recommend? © 2000-2021 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. This thickness is also great for transitioning to wood bats. … We have tried and tested every wood bat mentioned in this list. We first have gloves to Big Leaguers in our inner circle to break in and critique - knowing the extreme situations they would be put in. Marucci wood bats are known for their strength and durability.