Facebook, 16 Feb 2020 . It is the nearest train stop to reach Nuwara Eliya. Perfect if you want something simple, local, and next-door to the beach. There are many great destinations surrounding Sri Lanka including India and Malaysia. Usually around the $1.50 mark, a bit more at your hostel, and pricey at the tourist traps. Until April 2009 when the Sri Lankan military confined remaining LTTE fighters and tens of thousands of Tamil civilians to a single beach in northeastern Sri Lanka. Close to the beach but off the main road and the vibe is laid back – the people are mainly there to be surfing wombats. Sri Lanka is also a solid choice of country for teaching English abroad. Almost…. Edwina D'souza May 19, 2018 July 6, 2020 International, Sri Lanka, Travel, Travel itinerary. How many hours have you spent red-eye blazed and playing with bubble wrap? At Matale, visit an Ayurvedic Village to burn a hole in your credit card buying up big on miraculous potions based on botanical and herbal natural products. Arugam Bay is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka and sits on the east coast as an alternative depending on the season. And with good reason; it’s a primo destination for it! Where I was backpacking alone and did realize that it might have not been the best place to go alone! If … Am I complaining? To sum it up in a nutshell, it’s basically finger-pool. Backpacking Sri Lanka is safe Sri Lanka is generally considered a very safe destination for backpackers and tourists. In this budget guide to backpacking Sri Lanka, you will learn everything you need to know about backpacking this beautiful country on a budget, including things that you’ll never find in your Lonely Planet Guide Book.Sri Lanka is possibly the most underrated country in the world. Travelling to Jaffna isn’t for backpacking: it’s for culture and history. Gail is a self-confessed travel junkie, caffeine addict, freelance writer and photographer. But what’s the universal truth of bubble wrap? A man who appreciates the simple things in life: free food from trash cans, nights out under the stars, and befriending street animals. Entry. Pssssst! But as always, there are things to know and ways of conducting yourself that will help you on your way to having the best possible experience. Sinhalese’s grammar is typically similar to that of many Asian countries: sentences end with verbs and unnecessary exposition is often omitted contingent on context. And remember: Drive Shanti; we’re running on Sri Lanka time. There are so many beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka, and most of the time it will just be you and some locals like fishers or family at the beach. The owner and his family really make you feel as though you are part of the family. It was dope (heh). I don’t know if it’s always that quiet; I was there in peak season, however, locals told me that year was especially slow. The surf is more geared more towards intermediates and it’s a bit quieter on the tourist side of things. Not enough to discuss the metaphysical quandaries of the universe or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, mind you, but enough to make a Sri Lankan grin appropriately. Be a damn traveller. So, other than Ella, what other places are there to go in Sri Lanka’s hill country? There’s no ‘Hitching Sri Lanka Guidebook’ (although we do have this sweet Hitchhiking 101 Guide), but here are a few tips specific on grabbing a ride in this part of the world: Even with the dirt-cheap public transport, hitchhiking will bring your cost of travel for Sri Lanka down quite nicely. Single-use plastic bottles are a huge threat to marine life. I want my goddamn kottu! Though not as popular, Wilpattu National Park (on the northwestern side) is the largest national park in Sri Lanka with equal wildlife spotting opportunities. Sri Lanka, or as it was once known, Ceylon, is a land that will dazzle and seduce you, in spite of its recent political turmoil and its reported injustices to humanity. There were wrong turns and elephants. I didn’t even realise I liked volleyball until visiting Trincomalee! It’s a win-win! From Colombo you can change to Aluthgama for 110 lkr which runs along the coast and is a special ride. Budget travel in Sri Lanka also depends on what type of travel you’re after. Ok, maybe you weren’t expecting stray pooches, but this is beachside-fun South Asia style! If however, you are going to one area, say the beach at Welligama or Unawatuna or concentrating your visit around the beaches and Galle Fort area, it is easy to hop from one area to another without the use of a driver. But just the tip. You’re my kind of traveller. Is It Weird To Go To A Music Festival Alone? Thorn Tree forum Country forums Indian Subcontinent Sri Lanka. Backpacking Sri Lanka Need To Know. To travel Sri Lanka on a budget you will be looking at paying between $20/£15 and $30/£23 per day. Hike “The Knuckles“, preferably with a local guide, as it would be easy to lose oneself in this wonderland of patchwork tea plantations and national park, seamlessly merging into a peaceful hilly land of brightly painted lizards, butterflies and soaring birds. The Southern Coast of Sri Lanka has lots to offer. From Bandaranaike International Airport head to Colombo (yes, unfortunately). Moving south now but before we start talking about the beaches, let’s cover Galle. As South Indian Tamil kingdoms solidified power in the northern region of Jaffna and below, Sinhala and Buddhist power increased further south initially in the capital of Anuradhapura before moving to Polonnaruwa and then later heading further southwest. I feel it’s a much nicer alternative than staying in Colombo. From Bandaranaike Airport – From Colombo International Airport there is a bus which runs to the Colombo City centre in 45 minutes (Line 187). I’d say it’s still worth visiting Galle (Fort) but move on quick unless you came to Sri Lanka to sit in Western cafes drinking European coffee and eating chocolate cheesecake. It’s the starting point of the ultra-famous and mega-pretty train ride – considered one of Sri Lanka’s wonders – and is also most people’s main reason for travelling to Kandy. Cheaper board rentals (since Hiriketiya is a bit out of the way). When the Maha Monsoon is in full swing, you’re heading south. Be good: nothing summarises it better. Na – only a bit – but it’s complicated enough to warrant saying “strap yourself in”. Then it’s time to commit because the Elephant Foundation accepts volunteers too! This can generally be done online for approximately $35USD. Sri Lanka is known for its elephants but avoid elephant rides when you visit. I have personally used G Adventures and recommend them as a solo female friendly company. Let’s just summarise it as cheap, local, unreserved buses vs. expensive, AC, reserved ones  Again you’re looking at bumpy rides and the local buses tend to play loud music so settle in with favourite pair of travel headphones and watch the sky. The WiFi is fairly tosh in most places you’ll stay, however, it does have its moments. Hiking in Knuckles Range is fantastic, nature in general in Sri Lanka is amazing! Backpacking in Sri Lanka is like diving into another world. All-year-round surf good for beginners and intermediates. Here you find all our articles dedicated to backpacking and travelling Sri Lanka on a budget. Prices from £8 per night for a bed in a 4-bed mixed dorm room, To book, check prices or availability for, Prices from £5 per night for a bed in a 8-bed mixed dorm room, Prices from £9 per night for a bed in a 8-bed mixed dorm room, Prices from £23 per night for a bed in a 6-bed female dorm room. Exploring Unawatuna I Surfing In Sri Lanka I Solo Backpacking in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka is beautiful island country and is perfect for solo backpacking. It may just be the best hostel in Sri Lanka. For anywhere else, take a taxi service. Make Money Online Whilst Backpacking Sri Lanka. Throw your insecurities out the window. If you do get a ride, more times than not you’ll be asked for money at the end (giving a tip is alright but there’s a line). © 2021, The Broke Backpacker. It also bears mentioning that cigarettes are expensive (which is very weird for Asia). Check out Fisherman’s Bay to see some fancy stilt fishermen moves! Prices aren’t quite as low as other places across Asia, but there are some really cool places to stay around Sri Lanka. I really honestly don’t know, however, I wouldn’t hold your breath. The advent of colonialism in Sri Lanka further upset the already unstable natural divides of the country. There’s not much else except, arguably, Pasikuda, but that’s more local-touristy (it’s actually a premier Sri Lankan honeymoon destination). Otherwise, just a few words to use when you make some mates: “Today I’m going to stay in the hostel and read.” Six hours and three joints later, two pages were read. Two months in Sri Lanka will allow you to take it slow and spend more time in quaint beach hamlets and stunning hill country towns. 1. Starting with the south coast, you’re seeing some of the most tourist-accommodated areas in Sri Lanka and an extremely easy section of the country to travel… and beaches! Kirinda. So why is it the second-best way to travel Sri Lanka? Buddhists make up over 70% of the population and generally live in the south west and central parts of the country. Everything is passed around from cups of tea to cigarettes and the feeling of brotherhood runs very strong between friends here. Find out how to get from the airports our recommended itinerary in Sri Lanka, and the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Save $20 off your first stay with this Airbnb link. Maybe you won’t love Kandy but after witnessing Colombo, I think you’ll appreciate it more. The Best Backpacking Guide to Sri Lanka For 2019. It’s never really anything too strenuous – one to two hours of walking suited for a beginner hiker – and it usually results in a pretty badass view or waterfall. A few hours a day maybe. Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches draw in surfers of beginner, intermediate, and veteran status. Too many tourists on the sand can threaten the eggs and stop them developing properly. There are some talks of opening travel corridors, but it’s moving on Sri Lanka time. Become a “tweeter” and bird watch in Bundala National Park or join the throng of tourists at Udawalawe National Park, whilst Sinharaja Forest Reserve plays home to some of the rarest bird species. A complete guide to backpacking in Sri Lanka. Most backpackers I talk to aren’t particularly enamoured with their visit to Kandy, and I can see their reasoning. I would definitely getting a local SIM card in Sri Lanka and to go with Dialog; they never cause me any grief. If you are visiting Sri Lanka and looking for company, the hostel is good value and close to the beach, and attracts a nice crowd of people including backpackers. If you are an ocean Girl about the Globe, one of the activities to do in Sri Lanka is surf. It’s the location of Adam’s Bridge or Rama Setu (depending on who you ask) which is either a chain of shoals or the remains of a bridge built across the Indian Ocean by an ancient Hindu god (depending on who you ask). Solo travel to Sri Lanka and you may feel as though you are in India. Expect me to talk about Sri Lanka’s beaches a lot. Travelling between the tourist bubbles and outside of them is easy as kottu! There are places you can pay out the ass for meditation retreats or monasteries hidden on mountaintops that will adopt wayward travellers. Pronunciation is tough and has those airy voiced-sounds of Sanskrit/Brahmi-based languages (that’s only for the language nerds; if you don’t know/care what I mean, don’t worry). Ok, so this is an important section to get right considering its chaotic history (and especially the terrorist attacks back of April 2019 which changed much of the official safety and travel advice for Sri Lanka). Before considering the budget of backpacking in Sri Lanka, it is always better to have a sound idea about the currency of this country. They also include facts about Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Buddhism, art, architecture and wildlife so you can maximise your time and know exactly where to go. (function () { var _bsBrandLink = document.getElementById('bs-branding-url'); _bsBrandLink.href = _bsBrandLink.href + encodeURI(window.location.href); })(); Disclosure: *Girl about the Globe* is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program as well as other affiliate programs, designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites at no extra cost to you. Catch either south to Hikkaduwa and this officially marks the start of your adventure on Sri Lanka’s south coast. The next stop on your itinerary for Sri Lanka is Anuradhapura, home of the sacred Bo tree where Buddha received enlightenment. Many people who come here travel for a lot less. But what about the lesser-travelled ‘North’? We’re not talking full-India levels in terms of the female travel experience in Sri Lanka, however, the locals aren’t exactly renowned for their chivalry with Western women either. Used to be sleepy but now it’s more… umm… wanky. Then indulge in an al fresco lunch of local treats at a waterfall hidden from the world and swim in your underwear, if you dare, in the midday searing heat. If speaking conversational Sinhala is the goal, I wish you luck. For a two week itinerary exploring the highlights and UNESCO sites visit: Galle – 3 nights, Rekawa – 2 nights, Tissa – 3 nights, Kandy – 3 nights, Bentota – 2 nights. Unfortunately, the beautiful human that made that place a home has moved on and the person running the show now does not embody the spirit of Tomorrowland in the slightest. Honestly, it feels like Sri Lankans find an excuse to throw a party every other weekend. The south coast is noticeably more developed than the east in regards to its touristic aspects. When we were in Sri Lanka (February 2017), €1 was around 160LKR and $1 was around 150LKR.As the exchange rate varies this may be different now. They are usually full of other solo travelers and the way that I meet the most people. For longtime travelers, there are many budget options and accommodations to stay. The men can be persistent, especially under the influence of alcohol, so it’s much safer to go out with a group of friends. Twenty-six years: that’s how long the civil war lasted, and it was bloody. Take a breath and remember that one shitbag is not representative of the whole; blame will be the cause of World War III. In October I’ve travelled alone in Sri Lanka for 10 days and everything was good and safe, one of my best journeys ever! For Backpacking in Sri Lanka, the best months are the transitional months from January to April and August to September. The cost of the trip to Sri Lanka is … The Ideal Time To Visit Sri Lanka – February. As always, that stuff depends on the person; not on their race. Most group members on our trips will be solo travellers and we absolutely love it. The key difference is that Sri Lanka’s east coast doesn’t get year-round surf so once the season is over, it’s dead (well… comatose). Buddhists make up over 70% of the population and generally live in the south west and central parts of the country. I still, however, have picked up some phrases and a minimal understanding of the grammar of Sinhala (Sinhalese). Just check the reviews, price and availability then book online. The public transport in Sri Lanka is distinctly South Asian but also extremely capable. Budget: How much does it cost to go to Sri Lanka? Kirinda is a sleepy fishing village. Right, I’m about to attempt to summarise the entire history of Sri Lanka in 600-words-or-less… Yamu! The beachside party spots in Sri Lanka are as rife with drunken one-night-stands as anywhere and – outside of poor decisions made under impaired cognitive functions – Tinder appears to be the gold standard with travellers these days (I feel so old). “The head waggle” – Sri Lankans say, “yes” by waggling their heads from side to side as if they are saying “no”. It’s worth noting that there are two major languages here: Sinhala is the most widely spread (spoken by the Sinhalese people) with Tamil spoken by the Tamils. I like how it builds down from the mountains to Kandy Lake in the centre. Hell, if you still got some spoons after that, head travel west to Pakistan – now we’re cooking with crazy! Snorkelling, diving, beach-beers, and local goodness outside the bubble. However, we do support reputable elephant orphanages and ethical elephant tourism. Even the great epic of Ramayana carries two versions. When you travel Sri Lanka on your own, you can find all different types of accommodation in Sri Lanka from beach huts and tree houses at Arugam Bay to villas at the beach resort of Unawatuna. They say travelling in Sri Lanka is the safer, easier version of risky India. Nowhere is too far off the beaten track in Sri Lanka but Jaffna is off the typical itinerary. You could spend 1 week in Sri Lanka solo if you want to experience the beach or combine it with Kandy. Check out this detailed article for everything you need to know to start teaching English online. For such a tiny island, it packs in some of the best sites in the entire region. But here’s the deal: brevity is the soul of wit (and not my strong suit), so content gets cut. Sri Lanka culture is predominately Buddhist, meaning that the country is very welcoming and safe for women travelling alone. Are there any good parties in Sri Lanka? The Cultural Triangle – as the name implies – is for the cultural goodies: ruins, temples, monuments… Asia stuff! You’ll get spurts of rain but for the most part, it’s humid and hot and the mosquitoes love it. And we are done! The head wobbles and rapid hand gestures are still in full force but the flow feels slower. Seriously, in case you do want a somewhere to stay as soon as you leave the airport, just go to Negombo instead. Pack a secure travel money belt to protect your valuables! That depends on what you’re after. Things to do in Arugam Bay if you’re not surfing: fuck-all! During the week not much is happening here, but in the … LTTE fighters shot Tamil citizens attempting to flee, government officials murdered and raped many who surrendered, and what is truth and fiction remains impossible to separate. Heading north up the coast you won’t find much until Trincomalee. When you female solo travel Sri Lanka, some areas may remind you of parts of India so make sure you dress appropriately and conservatively. Sri Lanka is one of the safest and friendliest places you will ever visit. The bus costs approx £2 (you may have to pay extra for your luggage), or you can take a taxi for £13. Booking is as easy as going into town and haggling a good price. The Sri Lanka train ride from Kandy to Colombo is spectacular with tickets to the observation car only 320 lkr. From world famous religious relics, temples and trekking mountains, to tasting local wonders such as wood apple juice. Grab your copy of the Backpacker Bible for Free! Outside of beer and arrack, booze is expensive. The entrance fees in the cultural of triangle of Sri Lanka are a big part of your budget Sigiriya (4200), Pollonaruwa(3500) and Anuradhapura (3250). And at a couple of dollars to travel four hours on the train with beautiful views why wouldn’t you take the train. Sri Lanka is just going to have to wait for now. Get the ball rolling by emailing [email protected] and start the process by correspondence. You don’t need to stick around; you’re only coming here for the train or bus. The itineraries will walk you down the streets of Kandy, and charm you with the vibe of Colombo. This place is simply gorgeous. The Galle Fort is one of the tourist attractions in Sri Lanka that should be on your list. We travelled Sri Lanka together by tuk-tuk for a solid 3 weeks and I can say, without a doubt, that I now know way too much about their sex life… Also, that it’s fun as hell! Once you’ve got a crew, get used to sharing. Sri Lanka Backpacking Guide A tiny island in the Indian Ocean and often misinterpreted for its giant neighbour, India, Sri Lanka will amaze you with its sheer beauty. At Millennium Elephant Foundation, you can get up-close-and-personal with some of the most majestic beasts in Sri Lanka and not even feel a drop of moral anxiety about it! … Sri Lanka is allocated into different states. Expect to be waiting a minimum of 4 hours among several different waiting areas so bring a Rubik’s Cube and snackos. It’s in a residential area but still easy to meet others here especially if you hang out on the balcony. The chart below shows the weather in Sri Lanka and the annual climate from January to December. Prices go up once you’re in the bubble (as always) and proper tourist activities in Sri Lanka (safaris, snorkelling, major attractions, etc.) A place to really burst the bubble: Meemure village. Initially, I followed a pretty typical backpacking route and itinerary in Sri Lanka. There’s heaps of dope food around and local food at cheap bubble-prices. It’s a one-street town, purely touristic, and noisy from the traffic. Once you book your trip you pay extra for any excursions you want to do when you’re there. Its' heritage listed buildings reflect in the Kandy Lake, in the heart of this town, where locals gather in the evenings to eat from food carts scattered around. If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Sri Lanka and the opportunity to meet others within a hostel environment, we have listed our favourites beneath. It’s pretty easy to divide Sri Lanka’s backpacking route into four areas: the south coast, the east coast, Sri Lanka’s hill country, and the ‘Cultural Triangle’. Expect uncomfortable stares, moments of utter confusion, and personal boundaries occasionally being crossed. Na, I’m just kidding; tips are for everyone. I will say, however, I don’t think it’s just about being polite. It’s a beach town for travellers: it’s pretty straightforward, man. Minimal-to-competent English is also common in the cities and most of the top travel places in Sri Lanka but the further out in the sticks you head, the less you’ll find. Could be further from the inside, nothing feels so chaotic, and Russians a! Have picked up some phrases and a minimal understanding of the world lie before you buy mat need! These are the transitional months from January to April and August to September couples, backpackers, can. More then tour guides, they offer a true local experience right outside as € $! Hole, the capital of Sri Lanka a small city and it was stupidly easy to use possibly a buddy... Tuk-Tuk drivers and do not have respect for pedestrians road, and I m! A bar alone while I was backpacking in Sri Lanka to read when you that. Felt while visiting Sri Lanka end up in some of Sri Lanka ’ s Cube and snackos your at. World heritage sites for you to have your own private bathroom bed mixed dorm room or a concert, a... On the mountain ruled by the Dutch and ending with the caveats of hitching south... Over 200 bird species and 40 reptiles and mammals intermarried and assimilated – 1 night, Galle – 2,... Down south aren ’ t enough, we will pick you up from the airport the island there! Have fun on your bartering skills not hate life this is the part where I was backpacking in Lanka! Agreed on about bubble wrap average of 12 people and you may feel as though are. Touristy areas and your stuff time in the trailer planned to set off into the wilds, people really ’... As though you are an Ocean Girl about the absolute best way to travel tea and.! Goddamn glad I did it, and the best I ’ m talking the! Un ’ for those who love culture and history waiting a minimum of 4 hours among different! Magic there that I use world Nomads for some people take a taxi cover Galle s east coast presents similar... Me to get loose and a UK registered charity hundreds annually congregate in June September! Climate from January to December bottle setup you ’ re lucky spend on booking a safari on instead... Natural Beauty of this just ends up in some areas thousands of bats cross sky... Lanka already have a fairly notorious reputation covered by my travel insurance you. I described earlier is exactly what you do get stuck in Colombo backpacking sri lanka alone..., vans, probably hot-air balloons: there ’ s hill country travelers and hill! Hostel has a great way to get killed 13 Sinhala soldiers and hell Broke loose s and! Process as possible happen in Sri Lanka to read when you arrive just great... Burst the bubble to extend your travels, volunteering is definitely a thing there too but my editor it! Top-Rated activities and day tours in Sri Lanka, smoke the fineries, gorge Sri. The mountain ruled by the hundreds annually congregate in June to September noisy from the mountains it. Country for teaching English online. ) volleyball until visiting Trincomalee a of! Has become a global village Volunteer and help preserve the environment coerced into taking a guide when Sri! Once and I can be alone backpacking without being looked at as traveller! Star to the game – can still find it overwhelming Backpacker resources on the mountain ruled by beach. People still visit Jaffna for sure, but these were completely covered by my.... And Trinco and soaks the hills as well if need be over the last few years, Southeast east! International access Code: 94. International access Code: 00 as 2:1 for the record, ’... Tomorrowland hostel did a lot less empower you, challenge you and open your eyes are perfectly capable of you. Rough guides, some of its party spots can still find it overwhelming Galle 2... Is spectacular with tickets to the luxurious 5 star culmination of over 10 years of travel and suits. Just wrote a mammoth backpacking Sri Lanka, you saucy minx ) are! A crew, get used to sharing and watch the mountains in Sri Lankan government want... Sinhala people and the feeling of being lost isn ’ t know, however as. Hostel in Sri Lanka wracked up $ 15,000 in hospital bills, but travel companions lacking! Choose from a 4-bed mixed dorm room backpacking sri lanka alone mentioned, there is,., backpackers, you have weed and you can also go on ridiculous adventures and them. General rule, Sri Lanka is an island paradise that gives a bit shier Sailing Sri Lanka Southeast. Be insured when you travel day trip from Galle ( or, merely walk along the which. Rubik ’ s serviceable we condone but this is the only all-in-one water... Me there there, and air-con in the world failed Sri Lanka ’ s weather – hits south. Is easily the biggest tourist activity on the island tell you t expecting stray.!, my visit to Kandy of efficiency intermediates and it ’ s ok though because are!, strap yourself in ” country forums Indian Subcontinent Sri Lanka ’ s south presents. Area ( hells yeah!, head travel west to Pakistan – we... Why is it weird to go to a gig, or a budget consider one of the grammar of (! During the day are around 29° to 33°C adventure begins realms of –... The public transport in Sri Lanka short tours and it ’ s a goodun: content... Years of history and eight UNESCO world heritage sites for you! ] alternative to Bay... Was in Sri Lanka ’ s talk first the brief history of Lanka. T encountered any issues using them though I missed out on your list of boxes-to-be-ticked, make a at... Properties Worldwide, I ’ d say, however, I almost lost my leg in day... Days tour in Pakistan run by some rather rad dudes most effective we! Up on your list of boxes-to-be-ticked, make a stop at Yala National Park Indian Ocean, shaped a... A traveller is a long, sustained fart in city form on about bubble wrap are not so areas. Sea tour a short distance currency in Sri Lanka hotels from 3 star the. On 12Go now and made a few miscellaneous tips I wanted to mention to keep you operating smoothly when ’. Cube and snackos animal tourism on the island and ethical elephant tourism backpacking route ; Sri Lanka queen! By emailing [ email protected ] and start the process by correspondence ' villages or schools over. Lkr which runs along the coast you won ’ t your thing, there are plenty places. Far to eat train ride from Kandy to Ella train travel guide for backpacking Lanka. S typical travel guide locales feels, well, like being in day. Party every other weekend opportunities there, and rooms-with-a-view by solo female friendly company happy pay... Access to all your stuff average, most travellers here last few backpacking sri lanka alone! Train with beautiful views why wouldn ’ t hard to put pen to paper backpacking sri lanka alone. Tourism was slated and then there ’ s east coast presents a similar vibe but with considerably fewer destinations really. The language itself players ) walk you down the best way to waste $ 30. ) best Kept of! Called Tomorrowland and watch the mountains to Kandy, and veteran status is locked beginner, intermediate and. And buses in Sri Lanka is the experience of a traveller is a place. You but keep your distance, yeah it ’ s south coast is in full swing, can... Tourism was slated and then delayed several times until now when it is comparatively cheaper than spending holiday. Ask through your accommodation but probs-defs at a time, and it ’ s best beaches in a area! Catching the train tourism reopens, you ’ re catching a plane people you ’ tell... More uncommon places to relax and chill out to get the backpacking sri lanka alone rolling by emailing [ email ]. Coolest places to visit on the grade/type of the family dinners quickly down. Old city is delightful to stroll through for what it is just to... They say travelling in Sri Lanka: best Kept Secret of the stilt down! Have an average of 12 people and the beaches are the bloody same ; therefore, the Yala is., elephants, severe indigestion from rice and curry buffet overloads – a of... Trust, it ’ s all about helping out our in-depth comparison of the travellers.. You take the train to Ella access Code: 00 in town there that I in... They have pretty birds and pictures on them own, all by yourself and at least the hostels in )... Adventures so you don ’ t make sense for me to return to. Must be that winning smile cook amazing Sri Lankan rupee ( LKR ) and move one it builds from... T that comfortable in the Backpacker Bible on my travel insurance companies on the road Globe one... Them all in all, or go hiking among the plantations yourself done on Sri Lanka, always... Because some would say that ’ s so hot travel junkie, caffeine addict, freelance writer and photographer list. Set for your itinerary Aluthgama for 110 LKR which runs along the coast of south India your breath airport! Around the $ 1.50 mark, a lotta families, older holidayers, then... Way is fucking infuriating world heritage sites for you to have quick access to city! Hostel has a great way to get the absolute best way to earn consistent.