Medicine shortages are increasingly prevalent globally, and Ireland, like all European countries, has the potential to be affected. The industry body representing generic medicine suppliers here has called for the Government to improve collaboration with its members in order to avoid the risk of medicine shortages … It is expected that the MAH notifies the HPRA Shortages Unit by completing the ‘Notification of Medicinal Product Shortage from Marketing Authorisation Holders’ form (available in the link below), and returning it electronically to and to the Health Service Executive Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit … HPRA flags impact of medicine shortages By Lloyd Mudiwa 11th March 2016 Medicines shortages in Ireland, Europe, and internationally are an increasing problem across many categories of medicines, including critical medicines where alternatives may not exist, the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) has warned. Manufacturers and Suppliers can notify us of any products in short supply by downloading the form below or, alternatively, you can send an email to . Medicine shortages do arise from time to time and the Irish health sector has an established national, multi-stakeholder, Medicine Shortages Framework in place to prevent and react to any potential medicine supply issues in Ireland. The HPRA has identified shortages in some specific brands of HRT which have impacted multiple countries including Ireland. The supply chain for medicines is complex. In a statement to, the HPRA said that medicine shortages have been a global issue for some time. The HPRA has sought written assurances from the logistics operator that the supply of these medicines will not be impeded. Medicines Shortages In this section, you will find our most up-to-date Medicines Shortages List. Affordable Medicines Europe’s overview of shortages lists in European countries January 2020 The table below contains information about national lists of shortages… Accordingly, in 2017, the HPRA intends to take the lead in the coordination of efforts by national agencies to manage medicines shortages including the development of new initiatives and the refinement of existing measures. The European medicines regulatory network is continuously monitoring the impact of the pandemic on the human and veterinary medicine supply chains in the EU closely. Shortages of medicines are becoming an increasingly frequent issue that can hinder pharmacy teams’ efforts to dispense medicines in a timely manner. PSNC is very concerned about the impact that current supply problems are having on pharmacy teams’ workload and about the potential impact on their patients.